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“Practice only on the days you eat :)” -S. Suzuki

We are really getting into the swing of things in our classroom, and it’s delightful to watch the kids grow so much already.  It is no secret that developing any skill takes practice, and consistent practice is key!  We are so fortunate to have so many fabulous options for our kids in regards to their activities, but that also keeps lots of us busy!  I urge you to SCHEDULE practice into your day – perhaps even the SAME TIME every day.  This will help form a habit, since the hardest part about daily practice is doing it!  🙂


Repetition is KEY!

A few short months ago I made my first drive out to The Fulton School at St. Albans.  Having grown up in Chicago, Highway T was absolutely terrifying and daunting as I considered my weekly commute.  Today, as I made the drive after having many repetitions under my belt of experience, I found myself making the turns with ease (almost!).  This was such a fabulous reminder of the importance in repetition in regards to your children and their practice sessions.  Please remind them to do 5-10 correct repetitions while they are practicing such things as:  pre-twinkle motions (feet, tree, knees, stretch, etc), making bunnies, bunny motions, and even several times of singing a song.  I hope you find these short assignments and songs fun and enjoyable!  Thank you for putting in the time and work at home!




Welcome to your first of many short videos to help demonstrate your at home practice assignments!  Please do each segment from the video 5-10 times.