Halloween ’17

Here are the group class assignments for the Fall ’17 Semester (repertoire for the Halloween Recital in bold).  Please keep all Suzuki repertoire listed for your class(es) memorized, and bring your copies of supplemental repertoire and your stand with you to class each week (if applicable).

A Majors
Pop! Goes the Weasel
Peanut Butter Sandwich Variations (on E and A)
Train Song
Old Brass Wagon
Monkey Song
Twinkle Theme & Variations
Lightly Row – Perpetual Motion

G Majors
2-octave scales 

Witches’ Dance
Gavotte from Mignon
Boccherini Minuet
Old Joe Clarke

Viola Choir
2-octave / 3-octave scales
French Folk Song (with duet)
Chorus from Judas Maccabaeus (with duet) 


Circle of 5ths
3-octave scales
Two Grenadiers
Gavotte in g minor
Gavotte in D Major
Seitz Concerto No. 2, 3rd mvt.
“Perpetual Motion” by C. Bohm
Old Joe Clarke

Performance Ensemble
“Sadness” by B. Tours

“Fugue in Two Parts” by C. Dancla
“Prelude” by F. Wohlfahrt
“Coleraine” (Irish Jig)
“Ashokan Farewell” by J. Ungar