Why WCS?

Out of all the music education opportunities in St. Louis and beyond, why should you consider West County Strings?

  • Brad and Kirby are committed to continual growth and professional development and have trained with many of the best pedagogues in the nation.
  • Our passion and commitment is to child-centered learning at every step of the learning process.
  • Creating a warm environment in which every child is able to meet their own highest potential is a top priority.  
  • Building a supportive community in which all students are celebrated for their hard work and efforts is of the utmost importance.  
  • Students who have studied at West County Strings have gone on to study music at the collegiate level, maintained top standing in Missouri All-State and Symphony Orchestras around the St. Louis Area.  
  • Finding a good fit for each child is extremely important and we offer two different points of view in regards to group and ensemble classes as well as summer team teaching.  
  • Commitment to excellence at every level.  
  • Solo recital and group performance opportunities throughout each semester.
  • Community outreach and engagement.  
  • Commitment to teaching the whole child.  This may include everything from discipline to character, as well as learning to appreciate the beauty in setting and accomplishing goals.