Tuition & Payments

School Year

Tuition for the school year includes your 36 weekly private lessons, 24 group classes, and  your recitals and studio activities.  Please note the additional costs of renting an instrument (~$15/month) if you do not own or plan to purchase one , and purchasing books, CDs, a shoulder rest, and rosin.  Tuition rates for the 2019-2020 school year vary as follows, based on the length of your weekly private lesson:

  • 30-minute lesson = $1,474 ($737/semester)
  • 45-minute lesson = $2,014 ($1,007/semester)
  • 60-minute lesson = $2,554 ($1,277/semester)
  • 75-minute lesson = $3,058 ($1,529/semester)
  • 90-minute lesson = $3,562 ($1,781/semester)
  • 120-minute lesson = $4,498 ($2,249/semester)

Payment for the school year may either be made in full in cash or by check at the beginning of the school year, in two equal payments at the beginning of the spring and fall semesters, or in 8 installments over the course of the school year.

Summer Lessons

Tuition for the summer is determined by the number of private lessons you choose to sign up for at the following rates:

  • 60-minute lesson = $61/lesson
  • 45-minute lesson = $47/lesson
  • 30-minute lesson = $33/lesson

Payment for the summer must be made in full in cash or by check by May 26, 2020.

Payment Policies

Any late payments will be assessed a $10 late fee.  Any payments not received within 2 weeks of a designated date will result in cancellation of any further lessons.  Please contact us as soon as possible with any questions or concerns, or if you are experiencing difficulty making a payment so that we can keep lessons moving along smoothly!