Group Classes

Weekly Group and Ensemble Classes are beneficial for reinforcing, review and recreation!  Group classes also cover music reading and theory concepts that are age and ability appropriate.  Group Classes are a fabulous way to build community with students and parents.


The Purpose of Group and Ensemble Classes…

  • Stretch boundaries for the child with technical skill and group performance
  • Become musically flexible by accepting and reacting to different interpretations
  • Reinforce concepts and musical ideas and technical concepts from individual lessons
  • Peer to peer learning by model and example
  • Social and educational environment for motivation
  • Build technique through review and technical exercises
  • Recital and performance preparation and practice
  • Audition preparation (at developmentally appropriate level)
  • Learn how to be an audience
  • Listening and observing others while learning to give positive, honest feedback
  • Confidence performing and speaking in front of a group in a supportive environment
  • Preparation for Ensemble Work (chamber music and orchestra)
  • Introduce, reinforce and review theory concepts
  • Sight-reading practice at each stage of development
  • Ear training

Mandatory Parent Nights
are set up to engage parents and empower parents in the Talent Education learning process while building relationships with one another and teachers.  

Role of the Parent at Suzuki Group Class:

  • Attend group lessons and take notes on techniques and musical concepts
  • Practice with your child the ideas worked on in class
  • Arrive in plenty of time for class.  (Late arrivals mean stopping the entire class for tuning)
  • One teacher at a time!  Do not interrupt the class with gestures, comments, or looks directed at your child.  
  • Discuss with your child the purposes of group class and what the appropriate behavior should be.  

Role of the Student at Suzuki Group Class:

  • Be up to date on review repertoire or ensemble music
  • Practice at home what was presented in class
  • Show respect for students, parents and teachers
  • Come with an attitude of learning and support for peers
  • Listen to the teacher and react quickly to instructions
  • Remain in rest position while the teacher is talking
  • Sit and watch attentively while other students are playing
  • Line up for tuning as soon as the instructor begins the tuning notes or quietly take your “A” as an independent tuner
  • Take responsibility for your own instrument to be tuned quickly and carefully
  • Sit or stand quietly in line while tuning is finished

Group classes at West County Strings meet on Tuesday evenings from 6:00-9:00 p.m. at The Saxony Clubhouse – 1208 Brittany Pkwy., Manchester, MO 63011.  Ask your teacher for more information about which class(es) would be the best fit for your child!