Halloween Party ’22 Recap!

Hello WCS Students & Families!

Thank you so, so much to everyone who joined us for our Halloween ’22 Party last evening. We enjoyed your creative costumes, the treats you brought to share, playing music with you, and perhaps above all else the opportunity to connect with you and see you all connecting with each other.

When Ms. Kirby and I reflect back on our childhoods as young musicians, certainly a big part of it was about lessons, learning new techniques and how to break down and overcome tough challenges, group classes and polishing repertoire as part of an ensemble, and of course practice, practice, practice at home!

But an equally important part, if not more important, were the experiences we had and relationships we developed along the way. They keep us motivated when the learning gets tough, and make the whole learning journey all the more worth it when we look back on it.

So, thank you for making an evening like last night possible for your children. Thank you for allowing us to have a little extra fun in the midst of all the learning. And don’t look now, but Fall ’22 Solo Recitals are now less than six weeks away, so it’s time to – you guessed – practice, practice practice!