Spring ’21 Solo Recitals Recap

Hello WCS Students & Families!

Thank you so, so much to all of our students who performed on yesterdays recitals, and to the parents, family, and friends who came out to show their support to them and enjoy the performances. Truly, from both Kirby and me – our most heartfelt thanks. It was an incredible feeling to see so many of you again in person for the first time in many, many months, to see conversations going on between accompanist and performers, between teachers and students, and between families, and between friends. We’re thankful to have had such a wonderful hall to perform in, that did the students’ wonderful performances justice with its sound. As always, we wanted to share some photos that captured the joy of the afternoon. And again, to all of our students who performed – bravo! You should all feel extremely proud, and we’re looking forward to everything that comes next!