Reminder: ’20-’21 Registration Due August 15!

Hello WCS Families!

It’s been great to hear from even more of you in the past week, and to start to see the “class” of ’20-’21 at West County Strings begin to take shape!  Registration for the ’20-’21 school year is open through August 15, at which point Kirby and I will sit down to make our teaching schedule for the year incorporating all of your lesson time requests so that we can get those out to you as soon as possible before the school year starts on August 24!

As a reminder, Kirby and I plan on starting private lessons for the ’20-’21 school year on Zoom, at least until we are able to assess how schools reopening affects the Coronavirus situation at all levels.  At that point, we will be happy to continue offering lessons on Zoom for all those who remain more comfortable with them until Coronavirus is a thing of the past, while progressively reintegrating students who would prefer lessons in person as the situation allows.  If you would prefer to start the year out with lessons in person, please contact me or Kirby so we can discuss those options with you.

As I said in our Zoom “Home Concert” this past Saturday, Summer ’20 has certainly been unlike any that I imagine any of us have ever lived through.  But the adaptability and resilience that our students have displayed, and the progress that they have made in the midst of difficult circumstances gives us great hope, and joy, and encouragement.  We look forward to what will undoubtedly be a unique school year, but what we also have every confidence will be an exceptional school year with each of you!