July 25 “Home Concert” Recap!

Hello WCS Students & Families!

huge thank you and round of applause to all of the students who participated in this past Saturday’s Zoom “Home Concert,” and many, many thanks to the parents, extended family, and friends who joined in as the audience!  It was wonderful to see so many of you in one place again, and you all played so incredibly beautifully.  It’s truly inspiring and encouraging that in spite of all of the difficulties of this summer’s circumstances, you all are persevering, learning, and growing!

In fact, these “home concerts” have been one of the brightest highlights of this summer of isolation.  The fact that we’ve been able to do more performing together as a program throughout the summer is one of the silver linings of us all being at home perhaps more than ever before.  We love hearing from you all that you enjoyed the afternoon, too.  It’s a privilege and a pleasure to be able to host these events and share this time with you all!

See you on the next one!