Summer ’20 Week 9: Make the Most of Your Time!

Living in the Midwest, it’s almost impossible to get too far without catching sight of a cornfield.  And as the summer has gone by, I’ve watched the corn go from seedlings, to young plants, to now nearly fully mature plants that’ll be ready for harvest in a few months’ more time.

It’s a good reminder that time’s passing, and passing fast!  Depending on where you go to school, we’ve got about 5 weeks of summer left.  And while Kirby and I certainly want you all to be enjoying every ounce of sunlight, and warm weather, and playing outside, and reading good books, and everything else that your free time enables you to do, we also know that same summer free time affords you more opportunity to practice – and we want you to make good use of that opportunity, too! 

One good goal to focus on is our Zoom “home concert” on Saturday, July 25.  Many of you have pieces that are just almost ready to perform, and with a good, solid week of practicing could make for a really special experience!  Another good goal would be to really reach a new level of mastery with each piece on your review charts over the rest of the summer.  Or to really get a good grasp of the scale studies we’re progressing through each week.

The options and opportunities are endless, so as we enter into this final stretch of the Summer ’20 Semester, I just want to give you this simple encouragement to start off your week – make the most of your time!