Summer ’20 Series: Foundational Principles

Over the course of the Summer ’20 Semester, we’re going to be taking a “deep dive” into the 9 principles, or what Dr. Suzuki called “practices and conditions in people who excel,” that are laid out at the beginning of Suzuki Violin Book 3.  Although they’re found at the beginning of Book 3, don’t be fooled – these principles are the foundation of success  at any level of playing, even to the highest levels.  We’re looking forward to really digging into each one individually, one week at a time.

As you look over this list of 9 principles, which one(s) are new ideas to you?  Which one(s) are habits that you already have in place?  Which one(s) are areas that feel like natural strengths of yours?  Which one(s) are areas in which you have a lot of room to grow?  We are all, Kirby and myself included, continually learning, growing, and striving to become better and better at implementing these principles as we develop greater ability on our instruments, as musicians, and as people.

We look forward to this study with you this summer!