Leonidas Kavakos – Partita No. 1: III – Sarabande by J.S. Bach

I saw Leonidas Kavakos perform live over a decade ago at the Kranert Center for the Performing Arts when I was a music student at the University of Illinois.  He played Bartok Violin Concerto #2, which at the time I was not mature enough to be able to fully appreciate, but his masterful virtuosity was clearly evident nonetheless.  I remember seeing, from my seat in the balcony, my teacher Stefan Milenkovic – himself a prodigy and world-famous soloist and recording artist – rise to his feet in thunderous applause as soon as the final note had finished resounding in the air, and I knew that I must have just witnessed something special.

Since then, I have followed Leonidas Kavakos’s career intently.  Everything he performs is a masterpiece, and although it is particularly vulnerable, I wanted to share a video he recently put out on his Facebook.  I was touched by his openness and honesty, as well as by the beauty of his playing.  I hope you are too.