Community Building Assignment #4 – Your Favorite Uplifting Music

Dear Students (and parents)!

Something really special about music is that it can bring you joy – especially in hard times. I thought it would be fun to create a *School Playlist* of songs that are “uplifting” – songs that inspire happiness and hope! Here’s your mission for the week (should you choose to accept it!).

1. First, check out one of my favorite uplifting songs below as an example: “It’s Gonna Be Okay” by The Piano Guys. This one always makes me feel happy!

2. Find one song that makes you feel happy. Post the song’s title and artist. Listen to your song and reflect in a few sentences about why you think this song could bring others happiness and hope.

3. Interview an adult! (either someone in your house or on the phone) about one song that makes them happy! Ask them for the title, artist, and for them to describe why they find the song uplifting. Listen to their song and write a few sentences about why it makes them happy and what you find uplifting about it too.

4. Post both song titles, artists, and your short reflections Google or send me an email!  By the end of the week, I will create a YouTube playlist with all of our uplifting songs so that we can all enjoy them!

Have fun!!