Community Building Assignment #3 – Share Your New Hobbies!

I saw a new acronym that I had never seen before the other day – “SIQ.”  The context these 3 letters were used in helped me to understand what they stood for – “self-imposed quarantine.”  We’ve all been at this business of learning from home, working from home if possible, and generally being in and around our homes perhaps more than ever before in our lives now for a at least full month, and I don’t know about you but I’ve turned to things to keep my mind active.  I’ve been reading hard-copy books more than I have in years, we’ve been doing more yard work and gardening as a family, and I actually got back into running – something I hadn’t done in the better part of a decade.

All this has led me to be curious about what you all are doing to make the most of your time – aside from lots and lots of quality practicing of course!  So, for our third community-building assignment, I’d like you to share one hobby that you’ve been pursuing during “SIQ” – especially if it’s a brand-new one!  You can share your hobby with us by describing it in an email or making a video showing what you’ve been engaging in.  We’ll share some of your submissions in group class next Tuesday.  Who knows, maybe someone else will be inspired by what you’re pursuing, or you’ll be inspired by them!  Looking forward to learning more about what you’re all up to.

– Brad