Artistic Review: Hadelich & Humoresque

One of the things I try to impress upon students is that we’re never “finished” with a piece.  In the same vein, I try not to ever review a piece just for the sake of reviewing it.  Whenever we take another pass at a piece, we’re bringing new skills, broader experience, deeper understanding, and more maturity to it, which all put together means that we can – and should – play the piece more artistically, more masterfully, more musically.

Augustin Hadelich has quickly become one of my favorite performers for almost any style of music.  His love of the violin, and of classical music in general, is evident in every note he plays, and he is just as good at explaining technique as he is at using it in his own playing.  This performance of Humoresque – a piece from Suzuki Violin and Viola Book, and in this case an arrangement by Fritz Kreisler – is as good an example as I can imagine of bringing skills, experience, understanding, and maturity to a piece that’s “review.”  I hope you enjoy!