Learning to Meet Our Children Where They Are

This process of development is not linear.  Wouldn’t it be easier if it was?

Unfortunately, children (and we) are not math problems.  There is no such thing as 2+2 always = 4 when it comes to children. There are so many variables in them and us that are conscious or unconscious. 

My takeaway today is the importance of meeting our children where they are.  Maybe they are in a phase where they are dying to learn some new repertoire, or just to spend a lot of time playing.  That is absolutely okay.  If we stop to think about our common goals – character development, love of music, organizing the brain, growing fine muscles – we can let go of some of the small stuff.  Isn’t the small stuff important?  Of course. However, let’s not forget to really tune into where our children are today, in this hour, in this moment.

That should always come first. The rest will follow.