Community Building Assignment #2

Before continuing on with Community Assignment #2, make sure you’ve completed Community Assignment #1 – Practice Tip Videos!  Here’s a snapshot from Abby G.’s submission – clip your fingernails!  A simple, but super important element of being able to practice effectively and with good technique.  Thanks, Abby! 


Now, once you’ve done that, on to Assignment #2:

All over the world, people are in their homes and physically apart from one another.  So many people are choosing to connect with one another through music.  I am loving some of the music coming from Italy.  Let’s check them out together.  I encourage you to watch the next few videos.  

A powerful opera singer

A whole neighborhood of Italians

A lone saxophonist (and a dog)

A fabulous violist 

I’d like you to think of one thing:  WHY are these musicians choosing to express themselves in this way.  WHY are they playing from their balconies? *Please write your responses to me via email.  I would love to share your responses next week in class. 

*If you already answered this in group class last night, please take the time to write out your thoughts and share them with me in an email.  

After you listen to the videos and share your thoughts, it’s YOUR TURN.  Think of some creative way to share your music with others. This could be people in your home, a driveway (or balcony) concert for passersby, a FaceTime call with a loved one, a facebook live, a youtube video sent to friends, or whatever you can think of!  Please record in some way and share with me. If there is a reason your form of sharing does not allow recording, let me know.  

Happy listening, and we will see you SOON!