Community Building Assignment #1 – Practice Tip Videos!

Thank you so much to everyone who joined us for group class over Zoom last night!  It was wonderful to see you all, and to learn and play together in way that this unique time in our lives allows.  Speaking of which, this time in isolation is the perfect time to reflect on what is really working in your practicing – and then share it with the studio. 

Please make a “Practice Tips” video by next Tuesday, March 31 and share it with us by uploading it to YouTube and sending us the link.  The video should be anywhere from 1-5 minutes long. You can explain your practice tip, show your practice tip (with a short explanation), create a helpful diagram for your practice tip, act out the practice tip with a parent or sibling or anything that clearly portrays your point.  The practice tip can be specific to a certain kind of passage (ie: fast 16th notes for left hand clarity, speeding up a passage, tackling a tricky rhythm spot, coordinating a shift, etc.) or it can be a tip about a practice habit that works for you!

We look forward to seeing these and sharing them with our studio and the greater music world (if we have your permission).  

Happy Practicing!