Fall ’19 Solo Recital Recap

Hello Everyone!

Kirby and I want to extend a huge thank you to all the students who participated in this past weekends’ recitals, to their families for everything you do week in and week out that makes such wonderful, culminating events like this possible.

We weren’t able to snap photos of every performance, but what I love in all the photos we were able to get is the focus in each and every student’s eyes.  So many students rose to the occasion and performed their pieces better than they ever had before, and the result was many, many impressively artistic and masterful performances at every level of repertoire.  It is certainly an afternoon that Kirby and I will remember for a long time, and one that motivates us to jump into what’s next for each student with great energy, because it’s working and the results are inspiring!  Families, we hope you’re incredibly proud of your children for the hard work they put in over many days, weeks, and months.  Thinking back to the performances on our spring recitals in May, it’s amazing how far each and every student has come.

I also love the smiles, some during the performances, and many more after.  We’re thankful to have such a wonderful community of students and families who make such a unique, supportive, nurturing environment in which students can really thrive.

We look forward to seeing you all in lessons through December 21, and building on the wonderful work each student has done thus far this fall!