Spring ’19 Solo Recital Recap

Wow.  I’m actually taking breaks from typing to clap in the air as I think back about our students’ performances this past Sunday, and I have a big smile on my face.  Wow!

To all the students who performed: Bravo! You displayed wonderful technique, mature musicality, and great respect for one another’s performances.  You should be incredibly proud of yourselves!  Each semester’s recital keeps displaying a higher quality of playing year after year, and that shows the work each of you is putting in and the improvements you are all making!

To all the parents who attended: Thank you, thank you, thank you!  West County Strings couldn’t be what it is without your continual commitment of time and energy to your children’s musical education.

And to each and every family: Please know that Kirby and I find ourselves blown away by how fortunate we are to be able to work with such wonderful families.  It was wonderful to be able to spend time visiting with you and seeing your children eating, playing, and socializing with one another – just enjoying some well-deserved fun after putting in so much hard work for their performances!  And thank you so much for all your contributions to the potluck and help setting up and cleaning up.  You’re all wonderful people that we’re thankful for the opportunity to work with!

To anyone who wasn’t able to join us for this recital, and anyone who did play this past Sunday but would like more opportunities to perform, we hope you’ll join us at one of several home concerts hosted by studio families this summer!

If you didn’t manage to get any photos, here’s some we grabbed from the day: