Welcome to the Home Stretch!

Once upon a time – long, long ago – I used to run cross country.  There’s something I really  enjoyed about training for cross country races.  As you get to know the course and your body, you start to get a feel for how to pace yourself, when to conserve energy and when to exert it.  And there’s something especially satisfying about the “home stretch” – that last straightaway to the finish line – because you know that you can just leave it all out there because afterwards the race is over.


Well, as far as this school year goes, we are now on the “home stretch!” April and May are arguably the biggest months of the whole year for preparation and performances, but afterward lies summer, so you know you can put in the kind of work that makes you think, “I can’t keep this up forever!” because (good news!) you don’t have to.  The end is in sight.  But now is the time to push yourself.

The first thing coming up is the Spring Festival group performance on Sunday, April 29.  We only have four (that’s right – 4!) Tuesday night rehearsals left to get ready.  That means everyone needs to be well-prepared individually for all the repertoire that they’re responsible for, and prioritizing attending class this upcoming month.  (If your’e wondering what repertoire you’re responsible for, you can find it here.)  I’m looking forward to these next four weeks of classes, to seeing how much we can improve as groups, and to having fun as we do it!