Der Erlköenig by W.H. Ernst

Music and stories are a lot a like in that they have a logical beginning, middle, and end to them.  Much of the best music actually tells a story.  So it is with Der Erköenig by Heinrich Wilhelm Ernst, a contemporary of and musical successor to Niccolo Paganini, whom we have mentioned here before.

Many of the most challenging pieces for violin have been written by some of history’s preeminent violinists, and Ernst was certainly one of these.  It seems that intimately knowing how to play the violin allows for particularly masterful composing for the instrument, as well.  This particular recording is by Hillary Hahn, one of the preeminent violinists of our day.  As for the story that goes along with Der Erköenig?  Well, I’ll let Ms. Hahn explain it to you herself!