Food for Thought: Learning from Dorothy DeLay

Dorothy Dolay is someone who I try to emulate in my teaching, but her philosophy and approach towards teaching is also very relevant in the way we approach teaching and learning in all walks of life – including parenting.

At our parent night this past Tuesday, we discussed holding high expectations that are clearly communicated and consistently reinforced.  The question then becomes: how are we going to pursue achieving those expectations?  Will we yell, scream, demand, and offer ultimatums?  I’ve had music teachers who’ve done that.  My playing a lot under them, but it’s taken me decades to overcome the negative emotional impact of those lessons.  Or will we lead, support, challenge, and strengthen?  Later in life, I’ve had experiences with teachers every bit as excellent but much more nurturing in their approach.  And guess what?  I’ve learned even more, and grown far more in self-confidence and character in the process.

So, check out this article from the perspective of Itzhak Perlman on his teacher Dorothy Delay.  It’s definitely food for thought.