Broad Horizons: The Sibelius Violin Concerto

For many years, the Violin Concerto in D Minor, op. 47 by Jean Sibelius has been one of my favorite selections from the violin concerto repertoire to listen to, study, and play.  As the piece begins, the violin solo floats and dances above an eerie fog created by the strings in the orchestra, darting this way and that and increasing in beauty and intensity until the first cadenza.  Simply marvelous.

I have almost always listened to Perlman’s recording of the piece, however I was recently introduced to a recording by Maxim Vengerov, which I wanted to share with you now.  His technique admittedly perplexes me (I’ve never seen someone hold their violin quite like him, or play with their bow shoulder so high), but clearly it’s working for him as he produces perhaps the most beautiful tone I’ve ever heard on this concerto.

So, here’s the video.  It’s definitely worth a watch, and I hope it helps expand your musical horizons!

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