Food for Thought: Finding Time to Practice

It seems like everyone is busy these days.  Between school, homework, sports teams, club meetings, and everything else, students can feel like it’s hard just to keep up, much less like they can find time for focused, consistent practice.  And parents barely get a moment’s rest driving their kids to and from all these activities!

But it is possible to practice well, even in the midst of a busy schedule. recently posted a helpful article, entitled Back to School Tips for Parents: Practice vs. Homework?, which contains some helpful reminders and practical tips.  It’s definitely worth a read.

To the article’s list, I would add this little axiom from Dr. Suzuki: “Only practice on the days you eat!”  When practice becomes part of the fabric of our daily lives, instead of something that we try to tack on when we can, we stand a much better chance of making it through these busy school years making progress and having fun.

Now, I’m off to practice!

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